CLARE, keyless LoD in blackwood

"CLARE"is a three-section keyless flute in blackwood with five stainless bands.  Tung oiled.  

Head: Integral crown and end stopper.  Blowhole cutaway and new blowhole shape.  The head is full lined in brass to keep the bore smooth over time; the bore is cushioned at the backside to prevent cracking.  Ample length on the tuning slide (the gap supports the tuning of C#).  
Left-Hand Section: At the tuning joint, Teflon o-rings give long service and free action.  Special "QuatrAlto" bore tunes the notes on LH and RH.  A=440, with ITM tuning, standard.  New geometry on all tone holes.  Between the hands, a long mortise-and-tenon is lined with synthetic cork for long, durable service.  Hole spacing is 2.9" (74mm) with a standard offset for A (#3).
Right-Hand Section: F# hole is Ø.216" (10mm).  Hole spacing is 2.7" (69mm) with standard offset for E (#6).   "Long D foot" (with speaker holes) for better tone and balance.