“CLARE” Model Flute $995.00  (flute only)



“CLARE” offers classic strength and a buildable tone while setting a new balance throughout the compass. The best mix of traditional features and practical innovations. Playable, durable, and beautiful at an affordable price with easy care.

“Rich tone and easy to play with a large dynamic range among flutes that have holes of this size. This flute will be a great option for those with medium to smaller hands but still satisfy players who like a big sound. A solid design. Excellent physics. This flute works.” 


Blayne Chastain, Irish Flute Store

Technical Construction Details

The head has a full brass liner, with traditional nickel plating at the tuning slide. Smooth sliding in a Teflon receiver for long service. “Bow Tie” cutaway in front of the blowhole for richer lows and easier highs. High-performance blowhole geometry. Crown cap in African Blackwood. Independ- ently adjustable endstopper. 

The hole in the wood is offset. The liner is glued tight against the inside of the wood at the blowing edge, but 180 degrees opposite, the urethane is thicker to make a cushion. This way, it’s OK if they head shrinks over time. The result is a fully weatherproof bore with no chance of cracking. The liner’s bore and the wooden OD are concentric. 

Detail of the Dome-and-Chimney tone holes for increased playability

A Sterling-Silver ferrule fabricated from pattern wire. Sorry, not available now. 

No barrel, no cracking. The receiver is integral with the left-hand section, permanently glued. All new bore from slide to C# hole for power, resonance, stability and tuning. Offset hole #3.

The right-hand section is integral with the long D foot. “Speaker Holes” for tone and tuning. Durable synthetic cork seals the smooth tenon Disassemble for storage. Hole #5 (the F# hole) has a diameter of 0.420″ (10.7mm). Hole #6 (the E hole) is offset 10 degrees. The center band is split (it’s just for show)

Overall 26.25″ (667mm). Spacing, LH: 2.95″ (75mm); RH: 2.7″ (69mm). Seasoned African Blackwood. Lasting luster from five flat stainless bands, 3/16″ (5mm) wide.

Photo Gallery

All Cases Extra

Plush-Lined Custom Oak Case

Plush-lined custom oak case, 2.3 x 7 x13.2″ (58 x 178 x 335mm) outside. Lauan top and bottom. $75

Plush-Lined Custom Walnut Case

Similar to above: Custom walnut case, vented. Contact for pricing waltsweet@hotmail.com

Custom Padded Over Bag

Custom padded overbag. Unzips at the ends to admit the wooden case. Works well with the vented case. $55

Padded 3 Sleeve Bag

Padded 3-sleeve bag with velcro $45

Aluminum Case

Here’s a dandy aluminum case for 300 poker chips. You gut it, you line it. 2.25 x 8.8 x 15.6″ (57 x 224 x 396mm) $28

Alternatively, you can procure your own laptop bag on eBay. Size it to hold any case here.