"UMBRA" is made of black polymer and pitched in the key of high D (nontrans¬¨posing). There is easy control of loudness with its conical bore of 15/32" (12mm). As with all trans-verse (cross-blown) instruments, this model adds greater expression to an Irish session, or any band that plays traditional contradance music, for example. Also featured are profiled, undercut fingerholes; these bring out rich harmonics, free speaking, easy playing, crisp or-namentation and smooth transitions. Harmonic alignment (octave registration) is excellent, with an accurate scale on A=440.

"UMBRA"s parts are interchangeable with "BLACK PEARL" and the "TRIO", see below. The player can easily tune this 2-piece instrument by moving the slender tenon that slides in the head's internal o-rings (while other o-rings serve as tuning spacers). The head has an integral lip plate to thicken the wall at the embouchure hole. Cut with precision, that hole is shaped as a rounded rectangle for easy blowing. The head and body are machined in acetal (like Delrin), approved by the FDA. This material was chosen for performance, satisfaction, a beautiful finish, low maintenance, durability and affordability. The fingerholes are spaced evenly for the comfort of all players, especially those with large fingers. Laser engraving complements the fine workmanship. Lengths are 5.1" (head) and 7.7" (body) or 11.8" assembled (130, 196 and 300mm respectively). Head and body are interchangeable with "BLACK PEARL", also based on a 15/32" (12mm) bore.

Price of the "UMBRA" Model High D Flute: $120.00
Price of the "TRIO" (3-piece set): $200.00
Includes 1 body, 1 whistle head (like "BLACK PEARL") 1 high flute head (like "UMBRA")


SHIPPING INFORMATION: All U.S Domestic orders will be shipped at a flat rate of $8 per order.  International orders will be charged an initial $8 for shipping and upon completion of order processing through PayPal, the customer will be contacted and billed by WD Sweet Flutes for additional shipping charges based on the international location and value of the order.  European customers should contact me prior to ordering for the best shipping options.


.mp3 Sound Samples 

mp3     "UMBRA" High D Flute 
Rippling Water 
played by Walt Sweet
mp3    "UMBRA" High D Flute
Willa Fjord 
played by Walt Sweet
mp3    "UMBRA" High D Flute
World Turned Upside Down 
played by Walt Sweet

Two-sleeve black case with Velcro


 black soft case

Fits BLACK PEARL, UMBRA, LYRIC, and other two-piece instruments up to 8.5" & 8.5" $15