blowhole-cutaway_300b"STEALTH" maintains the traditional look of a one-piece fife for drum corps while gaining the playability of the best two-piece fifes found today. Derived from the "ENFIELD" model, "STEALTH" includes a conical bore, profiled and undercut fingerholes and a precision-cut blowhole. Special tooling is used to create these features in disguise for maximum performance at low cost in an elegant fife of African Blackwood with straight brass ferrules. "STEALTH" is loud, clear, fast, fun and affordable; what's more, it looks just like a traditional one-piece fife . . . . . . because it is.

  • The Tri-Form Bore includes a Conical Midsection for enhanced intonation with sweet blending harmonies, as on classic instruments.
  • Blowhole is precision cut with CNC for maximum projection and speed of response.
  • deep-river
  • Bow Tie Cutaway (in front of blowhole) for easier highs and robust lows (standard). See the inset (above, right).
  • True Dynamic Range: Can be played gently or with hurricane strength, but the result is always clear and sweet.
  • Fingerholes are Profiled and Undercut for clean articulation, smooth transitions, resonance, and a quality sound. These holes are in line.
  • Standard Drumcorps Pitch in B-flat, fully compatible with traditional fifes.
  • Length is 16" (406mm).
Price of the "STEALTH" Model Fife: $175.00

SHIPPING INFORMATION: All U.S Domestic orders will be shipped at a flat rate of $8 per order.  International orders will be charged an initial $8 for shipping and upon completion of order processing through PayPal, the customer will be contacted and billed by WD Sweet Flutes for additional shipping charges based on the international location and value of the order.  European customers should contact me prior to ordering for the best shipping options.

.mp3 Sound Samples 

mp3     "STEALTH" Fife 
City Guards 
played by Walt Sweet
mp3     "STEALTH" Fife 
Sailor's Hornpipe 
played by Bill Hart
mp3     "STEALTH" Fife 
played by Walt Sweet
mp3     "STEALTH" Fife 
Chromatic Scale 
played by Bill Hart

Padded Nylon Case with Velcro

 Single Sleeve Soft Case

Single Sleeve for STEALTH $25


I played your new "STEALTH" at the jam (thanks!) and liked it a lot. The middle register is clearly superior to the [prominent make #1]. I don't know why anyone would play a [respected make #2 or traditional make #3] after trying the "STEALTH". I'm with you all the way. Walt, I'm switching fifes.

Bill Hart, Jr.     New Britain, CT     August, 2010


I'm so glad that you've created the "STEALTH" fife! Finally, there's a fife that looks just like a traditional Ferrary / Cloos model but has the power of the more modern, "engineered" instruments. It is my everyday fife.

Kerby Lovallo     Ellington, CT     February, 2011

Note: It is on Kerby's persistence that the "STEALTH" came into being.

Wow! I just played a "STEALTH" fife by Walt Sweet. Totally awesome experience! Looks like a Ferrary, plays like a dream. So much power, so little effort. . . . right on tones. . . way cool in the high tones as well as the low ones which are really, really, REALLY easy (and audible!), a nice bonus for a one piece fife.

Looks like I will have to keep my "STEALTH" with me at all times, an excellent fife from an excellent maker. It is just a fabulous instrument, can't get over how easily it plays and how wide ranging the sound is. And without all the effort that has to go into one of the big bore fifes, which is pretty amazing. Powerful little guy, yet no need to get asthmatic to produce even the high tones.

Sue     New York     August, 2010