Diesel Generator

Walt’s volksWagen kiloWatts

After the October snowstorm in Thompsonville, our power had been out for 7.8 days so I assembled a diesel generator in response.Control panel. Radiator and coolant reservoir, just as they would be found in the car. Outside vent seen in the corner.


Engine: 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit, 1588cc diesel, water cooled. Rated 54HP@4800 rpm. Electric start per Mrs. Sweet.

RPM: 2100 with speed increased by means of twin V-belts on B-sheaves.

Fuel Consumption: TBD

Electrical Power Output: 9.6kW continuous, 10kW surge, 120/240V 40A brushless, salient pole. Full electrical output requires an engine rated at 16HP (diesel) or 19HP (gasoline) if direct-coupled.

RPM: 3600 Governor: Woodward TG-13 mecahnical-hydraulic speed droop.

Weight: 400lbs+

Dimensions: 32 x 41 H x 60" L. Designed to keep Mugsy and Bubba from tossing it into the back of their pickup.

I had begun this project 10 years ago, but bought the generator head on eBay only recently. Yes, I did drive the car until it fell apart.

Click here to see the replacement stem so I could use the off-the-shelf filter element NAPA 3418 / WIX 33418 on the old FD-790 housing.  This solution would be very beneficial to fans of SVO and BioDiesel.