Constitution-4245-zoom"CONSTITUTION" is an engineered drumcorps fife with a traditional look (1-piece). Designed to be in-tune, fun, and easy to play with a bore that's not too big. The undercut fingerholes are profiled; the blowhole is precision-cut, hand scraped then polished. Special tooling is used to create these features for maximum performance at low cost in an elegant fife of African Blackwood with straight stainless ferrules. "CONSTITUTION" is loud, clear, fast, fun and affordable.

      • Boehm-Style Bore. Inspired by the modern flute, this design is engineered to improve tuning and playability.
      • Blowhole is precision cut with CNC, hand-scraped then polished for maximum projection and speed of response.
      • Bow Tie Cutaway (in front of blowhole) for easier highs and robust lows (standard).
        See the inset (above, right).


      • Standard Drumcorps Pitch in B-flat, compatible with contemporary fifes.
      • Enhanced octave registration for accurate harmonic intervals.
      • Unprecedented tuning in the third octave.
      • Very easy-blowing in the third octave, up to to the highest D. Lows are strong and clear. 
        A traditional feel with a bore that's not too big. Fun to play.
      • Special Feature: The foot ferrule overhangs the end of the fife. This feature brings the bottommost note up; surprisingly, it also improves the tuning and quality in the third octave.
      • Length is 16.5" (419mm).
Price of the "CONSTITUTION" Model Fife: $175.00

SHIPPING INFORMATION: All U.S Domestic orders will be shipped at a flat rate of $8 per order.  International orders will be charged an initial $8 for shipping and upon completion of order processing through PayPal, the customer will be contacted and billed by WD Sweet Flutes for additional shipping charges based on the international location and value of the order.  European customers should contact me prior to ordering for the best shipping options.







Padded Nylon Case with Velcro

 Single Sleeve Soft Case


Single Sleeve for CONSTITUTION $25


"The fife is great. Great tone and tuning; it played clearly and easily on the upper notes. ["CONSTITUTION"] is a joy to play! Thanks for making such great fifes."

Robbie, Florida, March, 2019



"CONSTITUTION" fife received today in good order. Looks - and plays - great! Even the double high D screeches right out. Low octave rich and full. Very nice; it'll be even better once I get more accustomed to it as I run it through its Paces next week.

Jim West Seneca, NY March, 2018


"My "CONSTITUTION" just arrived, and wow wow wow!!! It's even better than I remembered [from an earlier tryout]. So rich, so smooth, so responsive! It simply sings - I love it!"

"KD" New Hampshire March, 2018


"We have participated in several events with those new [CONSTITUTION] fifes and have received accolades on the sound and tone."

Thomas W. Ray     Palmyra, NY     July 2018
Director - C.A. Palmer Fife & Drum Corps