About Flutemaker Walt Sweet

There's nothing more beautiful than the tone and response of the classic, i.e., conical-bore flute. After years of playing, I came to want more performance out of my instruments, and I wanted more choice than just "switching brands": I wanted to know the relationship between design elements and playability. With careful analysis, I distilled my own design principles, and with 40 years' experience in instrument making, I have brought these ideals into practicality. Now I build this playability into all my flutes, fifes and pennywhistles.

My current day job is that of a math teacher in a State technical high school. I've also worked as an Industrial Engineer, Industrial Arts Teacher, Technical Writer, Inspector of Highway Construction, Museum Presenter, Music Teacher, Musician and Author. I have a degree in Industrial Engineering, in Industrial Arts Education, and a Master of Arts for Mathematics Teachers.

Mostly, I've lived in Enfield, Connecticut USA: 42° N, 72.5° W. I have a wonderful wife (thanks to eHarmony), and two musical children.

Walt D. Sweet Carole J. Sweet Marching
Walt Sweet Carole J. Sweet, aka LG.
July 4th is Independence Day;
July 5th is Unity Day
Marching with the Colonial Navy of
Massachusetts, to commemorate the
Ship-Burning in Essex (Thanks, Sally!)
Plain Chocolate Soda CD American Country Dances of Revolutionary War TAPE The Bread and Butter of Jamming BOOK Complete Music for Fife & Drum
Plain Chocolate Soda: This CD by Dudley Laufman contains one track of Walt Playing "UMBRA" American Country Dances of the Revolutionary Era: An early recording for CDSS The Bread & Butter of Jamming: Traditional Music for Fifes and Drums (1993) Complete Music for Fife & Drum. Book and CD were published internationally by Mel Bay in 1994 

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