Shannon Flute

"Wow! I just played a STEALTH fife by Walt Sweet. Totally awesome experience! Looks like a Ferrary, plays like a dream...Looks like I will have to keep my STEALTH with me at all times, an excellent fife from an excellent maker. It is just a fabulous instrument, can't get over how easily it plays and how wide-ranging the sound is."

-Sue, New York


"I played BLACK PEARL all day today (had the house to myself). I'm really happy with its responsiveness. I have much more control over tone, volume and articulations with this whistle. This whistle is everything I had hoped it would be. Once again, Walt has been a delight to deal with. I'm very pleased. Thank you so much!"

-Deb, South Dakota

"I have both a [beginner's flute] and a Walt Sweet SHANNON. Both have ergonomic hole designs, very comfortable. The delrin SHANNON is more of a "powerhouse" for when I need to be heard. It's got a real booming low D, and takes practically no effort to maintain a strong, reedy tone throughout (that "session edge" tone). Also, it's really easy to play in-tune, staying on pitch virtually no matter what I do.""

-Cameron, Seattle, WA, June 2013

"The ONYX whistle is just a fantastic instrument! It requires only a little pressure to produce a beautiful, clear sound. The body, made in two parts, allows you to adjust the joint between your hands. This feature allows a playing position that's more comfortable than on any other whistle we've ever seen before. Great Job!"

-Johannes Schultz, FolkFriends. Hamburg, Germany


Why Buy From
WD Sweet?

With years of playing at dances and in drum corps, I've learned about good instruments and their qualities as sought by discriminating musicians. I've also had ready access to a collection of many respected antiques to be studied from a manufacturing perspective. I have a specialized focus (I can't make every type) and now, after 40 years in the shop, I'm committed to building the best qualities into instruments that people can count on.






I stand behind my work 100%. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact me and I will be glad to help you.


Made in USA

What Makes A Good Flute/Fife/Whistle?

The tone is rich, can be manipulated by the player, is full when playing loudly and sweet when playing softly. There is a speedy response and accurate scale with comfortable hole spacing. The notes are stable; high and low notes can be controlled for loudness. The key levers have an easy reach; keys move freely and seal reliably. The tuning slide moves smoothly, and the physical appearance inspires confidence in the craftsmanship of the maker. The material is durable, long lasting, and if wood, well seasoned. It has a beautiful finish and is aesthetically proportioned: it is practical and also attractive.